Directional Drilling Services

In East Michigan

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Since 1998, Lynx Communication has been serving the needs of contractors and private enterprise with directional boring and drilling services primarily in the East side of Michigan.  We are able to help you in your needs throughout Michigan.  Give us a call or contact us using the contact page.

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We can partner with you to provide drilling and boring services only, or even provide materials such as PVC or HDPE, Handholes, and Manholes to help you manage the project from start to finish. We have the expertise to assist you in all directional boring needs.

MUST Certified and Trained

Specializing In

Boring and excavation, placement of services and mains, locating existing utilities, all aspects of cable placement, hydraulic capstan pulling, winching, etc.

Underground Utilities

Electrical, fiber optic, telephone, cable, gas, irrigation, water, sewer/on grade and force mains.

Non-Drilling Capabilities

Cable plowing, trenching, backhoe excavating, pole base augering, core boring, placement of manholes, hand holes, cabinets, pedestals, transformers, large and small conduit banks, HDPE (fusion splicing), concrete bases/pads, vacuum excavation.

Recent Work


Farmington Hills

Small island excavation and directional boring from island into main building structure to place 200’ of HDPE.


Holly, MI

Directional bore and place 450’ of 6” HDPE.


Farmington Hills, MI

Directional boring under parking garage structure of 400’.


Wyandotte, MI

Directional bore & place 300’ of 2” HDPE with existing concrete removal, disposal, and replacement.


Jackson, MI and Rochester Hills, MI

Proofing and locating of existing underground utilities.


Mt. Clemens

Directional bore & place 800’ feet of 4” HDPE underneath existing building, including excavation, trenching, and concrete replacement services.


Flint, MI

Excavate, directional bore & place 250′ of 2″ HDPE including mounting risers and pole boxes. Also provided site surveys and Miss Dig coordination.


Ann Arbor, MI

Directional boring & installation of 3 lines of 1.25″ conduit.


East China Township, MI

Setting and mounting of pole box and drilling into building for utility placement.


Ypsilanti, MI

Directional boring & placing of 140’ of 2” HDPE with drilling into building basement drop ceiling and seal.


Novi, MI

Directional boring of 500’ and placement of hand holes and locate posts.

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